helping workers collect what they deserve

Hello, we are workerbird. We help workers understand and improve their working conditions.

With workerbird, workers collect their own data, on their own terms and for their own benefit. They receive advice and support if needed.

We want workers to realise the power in their data.


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workerbird is looking for testers for its first version.

Track your working patterns using a timer or manually. Get visual reports on your working day, weekly hours and your pay over time. Understand whether your hourly rate is above the national minimum wage and how it compares to the real living wage.

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We are now moving into the next stage of development and we would like to connect with interested organisations and individuals.

We are looking for partner organisations to trial the next version of workerbird with us and provide feedback. We are also interested in anyone who would like to give input into our testing and design process as we develop the next features. Please do get in touch.

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